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What is your favorite sports? Let’s go to Bali and enjoy cycling in paradise.

Cycling is a fun sport. Besides aiming to maintain a healthy body, cycling can also increase our interaction with the environment. In Bali, this activity has been identified as one that is packed adventure tour exciting. With equipment of international standard, with high security and services of experienced guides, this cycling activity is a good choice to fill the holiday events in Bali.

Bali has many things to visit, see and feel cycling tour will take us to places where other transportation is difficult to reach. There are different types of bike tours to suit people of all age groups and may be of interest to them.  If you wanta challenge, then you can also aska local travel agent to arrange so that you can bike in more challenging locations such as mountain ranges, rivers and hills.

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Post Date: 10/06/13 in Categories: Bali New and News

There are abundant choices for the holiday-goer seeking rest and relaxation in Bali – five-star hotels,boutique hotels, spa resorts. However, the private Bali Villas Leisure Collection properties offer experiences that surpass all that options. They are private enclaves where there is no need to share amenities or even step out of your villa during your entire stay.But it is the extras that take the divine to the sublime…the VIP fast airport clearance service, ‘club lounge’ nightly canapes and cocktails, inclusive laundry, Bvlgari bathroom goodies, round-the-clock butler service, and the chauffeured vehicle on call at all times for shopping, touring or night-clubbing…even at the most luxurious hotels, the level of privacy, seclusion and self-sufficiency provided by the Bali Villas Leisure Collection is difficult to find.

The luxe properties bring glamour and style to this unspoiled whilst fashionable part of Bali. All are located in the enchanting traditional village with terrace of rice ,tropical forest, shopping and restaurants area, luxurious surroundings where service is ever present, yet never intrudes..and all in complete privacy.

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