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The Beji is a magnificent and great six-bedroom villa, which is situating in the large area. This area is bordered by the green rice terraces with the river, within the walking distance of the beautiful and amazing beach on Bali’s south-western coast. This property is also comprised with ten single-storey pavilions, and also with the one double-storey building, a large swimming pool, and small ornamental ponds.

This is a perfect villa which you can use as the place to do your events together, such as birthday parties, wedding, and other social activities. This amazing villa is leisurely spread throughout the lush and expansive gardens. This villa also constructed with amazing local materials, with the ironwood shingle roofs, and the style is restful with the fresh cool décor and many contemporary furnishings.

This Bali wedding villa has a living pavilion which presides over the great garden. The pavilion is also furnished with three comfortable sofas, two ottomans, and a nice coffee table. There is also some furniture such as the coiled stainless steel sculpture and lamp-stand which was created the local sculptor, Chen of ’Chenergy’. This is an ideal place for relaxing and entertaining, and this amazing ample lounge is cooled by the natural breezes and paddle ceiling fans.

Then, there is an elegant dining pavilion with the large teak dining table, which is large enough to accommodate up to 18 people together comfortably. This is why this villa is perfect for many events like that. This is a nice pavilion which was open on three sides with the high roof, and a creamy-white Palimanan stone floor. There are also some antique artifacts which were displayed in the alcoves within the supporting pillars, and wooden benches which provides the additional seating.

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