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Post Date: 20/08/12 in Categories: Bali Land Transport Service

Bali is a great holiday island in the paradise with the great and high reputation of being one of the most diverse and beautiful tourist destination in the world. This amazing island will offer you with a lot of experiences for your special holiday with your special people in life. There are a lof of places of interest that you can visit easily from the remote village of hamlets with the hidden roads to be explored until the luxurious resorts with the five-star accommodation, amenities, and facilities to staying for during your special holiday.

As the tourist destination, Bali is supported with the good infrastructure, as well as the transportation. So, to ensure you that your experience of traveling in Bali is enjoyable, especially if you are already planned to go around Bali island by yourself or with professional tour guide and need a rent car in Bali, we will be pleased to serve you with the comfortable air-conditioning transportation around this island Bali, with the proffesional driver and good speaking guide that will make the journey enjoyable and safe until your destination with this cheap rent a car.

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Post Date: 17/08/12 in Categories: Bali Land Transport Service

When you are having holiday in Bali, you can use car rental Bali to create a better holiday without any problem. Usually, there are a lot agents and packages that are available, which you can choose that fulfill your needs exactly. There are drivers who know very well about every part of this island and can also explain to you about the site that you are visiting. They also know well the trips to your choice of destination and always drive safely.

There are also a lot of packages that the agents are offered to you. With this packages, you will have more cheaper holiday than just doing everything that you want without plan. You can also be more punctuative, because the agent will plan the hour to pick you, bring you there, have lunch, and other activities. You can also discuss what exactly do you wish for your coming to Bali island. They are usually friendly and helpful, and could cooperate very well with you.

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The Bali Volkswagen Safari Tours is a great travelling option in Bali for people whi loves the adventurous streak and inkling to see the ‘real’ Bali. This tour can be done with the Bali car rental and you can try to leave the dust and crowds of Kuta behind and traveled in a convoy of three vehicles along the roads of Seminyak. Volkswagen is still famous nowadays, although it gets older. But the fairly noisy engine has a surprising speed that can amaze you. The driver that also becomes the guide can show you how expertly he maneuvered the vehicle around sharp bends.

You will go through some quiet roads and past some rice fields in the various stages of harvest. You can see the workers bundled in layers of clothing and hats to protect them from the tropical sun as they. There are also groups of village children who are laughing and waving when you pass them. These children are obviously amused at the tourists in the noisy machines.

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