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Post Date: 20/08/12 in Categories: Bali Villa Rentals

Rumah Teratai is an amazing and delightful three-bedroom retreat with its own distinct character. It marries rustic charm with small touches of European sophistication yet still manages to complement the relaxed pace of tropical living on the island of Bali. This villa is hidden away from the busy area of the mainstream tourism, so you can feel calm and quiet. This villa called Rumah Teratai is located off a narrow laneway which is not easily accessible by car.

This villa in Seminyak is just a few meters on foot to the front entrance gate which could opens wide to the reveal of the a manicured garden compound. Rumah Teratai was cocooned from the traffic of the busy area of Seminyak, so you can enjoy the desirable location down to the quiet alley, which connects Jl. Dhyana Pura with the main road in this villa.

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Post Date: 20/08/12 in Categories: Bali Places of Interest

Golfing is not a very popular game amongst the Balinese, but it does not mean that you cannot find the international standard golf courses in this area. And if you did not bring the clubs, you will surely rent a set at any of courses. There is the Bali Golf and Country Club (BGCC) which was named by the Fortune magazine as one of the top five best courses in Asia. This courses is one of 4 courses that put Bali on the world-class golf course map.

This BGCC is the perfect place for your luxury vacations. This course is situated on the luxury tourist resorts of Nusa Dua, offer you with the different types of the tropical golf course design, and provide the golf enthusiasts with the world championship 18 hole golf course in the spectacular seaside setting. Expert grooming and superb maintenance assures championship playing conditions.

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Post Date: 20/08/12 in Categories: Bali Land Transport Service

Bali is a great holiday island in the paradise with the great and high reputation of being one of the most diverse and beautiful tourist destination in the world. This amazing island will offer you with a lot of experiences for your special holiday with your special people in life. There are a lof of places of interest that you can visit easily from the remote village of hamlets with the hidden roads to be explored until the luxurious resorts with the five-star accommodation, amenities, and facilities to staying for during your special holiday.

As the tourist destination, Bali is supported with the good infrastructure, as well as the transportation. So, to ensure you that your experience of traveling in Bali is enjoyable, especially if you are already planned to go around Bali island by yourself or with professional tour guide and need a rent car in Bali, we will be pleased to serve you with the comfortable air-conditioning transportation around this island Bali, with the proffesional driver and good speaking guide that will make the journey enjoyable and safe until your destination with this cheap rent a car.

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Bali has been called as the island a thousand temples. By using car rental Bali, you can do a tour to visit the Mengwi, Alas Kedaton, and Tanah Lot in a whole package. This tour will make you feel more relaxed in a perfect way because there is a person who can help arrange all your needs. This program visits some of Bali’s most sacred and picturesque temples.

A half-day tour with a visit first at the Royal Temple of Taman Ayun at Mengwi. This building was built in the 17th century. This impressive and spacious temple is surrounded by a wide moat, creating the amazing mysterious impression of being in the middle of a lake. The temple has three courtyards growing, each representing an increasing degree of perfection in the Bali Hindu cosmos. Then, you can go to visit Alas Kedaton Sacred Monkey Forest, where hundreds monkeys live in the forest around the temple.

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Post Date: 17/08/12 in Categories: Bali Land Transport Service

When you are having holiday in Bali, you can use car rental Bali to create a better holiday without any problem. Usually, there are a lot agents and packages that are available, which you can choose that fulfill your needs exactly. There are drivers who know very well about every part of this island and can also explain to you about the site that you are visiting. They also know well the trips to your choice of destination and always drive safely.

There are also a lot of packages that the agents are offered to you. With this packages, you will have more cheaper holiday than just doing everything that you want without plan. You can also be more punctuative, because the agent will plan the hour to pick you, bring you there, have lunch, and other activities. You can also discuss what exactly do you wish for your coming to Bali island. They are usually friendly and helpful, and could cooperate very well with you.

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Post Date: 17/08/12 in Categories: Bali New and News, Bali Tours and Travel

Paragliding is one option if you want to try the fun tour in Bali. This is a recreational flying sport that you can try under the guidance of professional. This is also the simplest form of human flight. Paragliding is easy to transport, easy to launch, and easy to land. The paraglider is constructed from the nylon, and the pilot of this tool will be suspended by sturdy kevlar lines. The pilot will be clipped to a harness, set in sitting position for maximum comfort. When you are doing this activity, you can fly like a bird, soaring upwards on currents of air.

Flying a paraglider is not a difficult thing to do. This activity is quite easy and safe. The most important thing is that you receive the instruction from a professional and use safe equipment. But because paragliding is an outdoor sport and the nature is unpredictable, the safety must be the number one priority. You must be willing to learn step by step and think with your head. This is still a pretty dangerous sport that can get you injured or killed.

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The Bali Volkswagen Safari Tours is a great travelling option in Bali for people whi loves the adventurous streak and inkling to see the ‘real’ Bali. This tour can be done with the Bali car rental and you can try to leave the dust and crowds of Kuta behind and traveled in a convoy of three vehicles along the roads of Seminyak. Volkswagen is still famous nowadays, although it gets older. But the fairly noisy engine has a surprising speed that can amaze you. The driver that also becomes the guide can show you how expertly he maneuvered the vehicle around sharp bends.

You will go through some quiet roads and past some rice fields in the various stages of harvest. You can see the workers bundled in layers of clothing and hats to protect them from the tropical sun as they. There are also groups of village children who are laughing and waving when you pass them. These children are obviously amused at the tourists in the noisy machines.

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Post Date: 10/08/12 in Categories: Bali New and News

When you are having holiday in Bali island, you can surely enjoy the richness of Bali’s sea that can amaze you. This fun tour in Bali, the Bali Marine Walk, will let you had the experience of walking in the base of the ocean and admiring the beauty of the sea garden that has many colorful coral, beautiful fishes, and try to feed the fishes with your own hand. This tour is situated in the Lembongan Island, about 30 minutes with cruise from the central Bali. This tour will let you experience diving in the new way, even when you do not know how to dive or even swim. The staffs will help you to get instant knowledge from the thing that you never know or try before.

In this fun tour in Bali, you will use an open-ended helmet that can allow you to stay underwater when you put it in your head. Then, the helmet is connected to the scuba tanks that is fulfilled with air by the air hose. The inside of the helmet is designed with a mechanism that can prevent the front window from fogging. The helmet also has a vent that continuously exhausts unneeded air from the helmet. Since the crooked is placed at the back, there is no air valve to obstruct your view.

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Post Date: 10/08/12 in Categories: Bali New and News, Bali Places of Interest

Tulamben Beach is one place that you can reach easily. This beach is situated in the Karangasem Regency. There are no sands on this Tulamben Beach; there are only stones in everywhere. The specialty of this beach is that this beach has a spectacular view under the sea. Under the deep sea, people can see the gorgeus reefs and fishes. There is also a battle ship in World War II which is drowned in the bottom of the ocean. It become the home of some fishes and other living under the sea, and makes this become an amazing view.

The coral reef in this beach is amazing. From this place, you can also see the highest mountain in Bali, Mt. Agung. For the hiking lover, this is a great place, because you can see the beautiful mountain panorama and even the Lombok Island. There are a lot of restaurants to eat in Tulamben Bali. Almost many of the restauarants offer you the sensational-romantic dinner or lunch experience with the direct view to the amazing ocean.

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